The National Foundation for Medical Research and Innovation’s primary objective is to support innovative areas of biomedical research to help benefit mankind through the prevention or eradication of diseases.

The Foundation seeks to partner with biomedical researchers and donors to identify, evaluate and support innovative and high quality research projects with identified impact objectives.

Our culture is one where we look to make a social investment in biomedical research. By partnering with researchers to provide support and knowledge, we aim to maximise the social returns from our grants.

Additional Details

  • Application Round Status:Open
  • Application round timelines:The general call for EOI in 2018 is only open for Portfolio 2 and Portfolio 3 applications.  The common focus of portfolio 2 and 3 grants is enabling researchers to access research capability and capacity beyond their labs and institution to advance their biomedical discoveries and innovations. For more information on our grants or to submit an EOI, please visit:
  • How do you review applications:NFMRI has a competitive application process. Each round is assessed by our research Advisory committee.
  • How do researchers apply for support:Research should submit and expression of interest. Shortlisted EOI will be invited to submit a full application.
  • Funding and support strategy:NFMRI supports medical research in three key gap areas we call social investment portfolios: 1 Original innovation and discovery not competitive for NHMRC grants. Young researchers, early discoveries and new paradigms that need support to become competitive and stand on their own two feet. 2 Support for strategic collaborative research activities focussed on advancing research and validating directions. Providing access to the additional research skills not available through currently available funding. 3Often referred to as the “valley of death” this is the area where research is required to attract and compete for potential investors and collaborators. Funding mechanisms often do not support or encourage contract research activities necessary to answer critical research questions.
  • Mission:To advance innovations in medical research related to the nature, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and incidence of disease and other health problems that have a significant impact on the health of humans.
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    Q When will I be notified about the outcome of my EOI?

    A: Applicants will receive notification by the end of May to early June. If they are shortlisted to submit a full application, this will be due by the 25th of July, with two referee reports due by the end of August.

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    • Grant Range $10,000 - $400,000

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